Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. EMFI caters to ‘Born Again’ believers from any denomination. The

genuineness of the candidates’ personal faith and his/her love for the Lord

Jesus Christ will have to be independently verified by the concerned


2. EMFI only serves to make available a data base of eligible candidates looking

for suitable life partners.

3. EMFI is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. It will be

the sole responsibility of those concerned to verify for themselves the veracity

of all the details given and to ascertain the character of the person.

4. EMFI does not have any agents/brokers, nor charges any fee whatsoever for

services provided.

5. If you DO NOT receive any response/interest from the other side, kindly do

not pursue the matter.

6. A profile once uploaded is likely to remain on the site until EMFI is informed

by email that the candidate’s marriage has been fixed and therefore the profile

may be removed from the site. 

7. Those desirous of posting or removing their profile from the EMFI’s database

must send their details to docmarriage@emfi/in or unsubscribe using the

appropriate option.

8. ALL details sought for in the format should be provided. The two Reference

Persons must be of:

1. An EMFI Member or a Field Partner of EMFI

2. A Pastor/Elder of a Church

9. EMFI reserves the right to upload or remove a profile without giving any

reason for the same.